The Gokase river canyon

and the big bridge group which spans in the sky





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Gokase Canyon

The source of Gokase-river is in the east foot of Mukosaka Mountain,1684m's sea level, which is in  the border between prefectures in Miyazaki and Kumamoto.

Gokase-river flows into the Pacific Ocean in Nobeoka City through Miyazaki Prefecture Takachiho-cho via the Kumamoto Prefecture Santo-cho. It is an big river in the first-grade river with the fulllength106Km.

As for the stratum in Kushu-Sanch,Kyushu-upland, the whole area stands up with the Chichibu band  and the status formation which is called in Shimanto Layers for the most part.

The big pyroclastic flow in the Aso-san, the Aso volcano, flowed there over four times until about 270,000 years - 90,000 years before.This pyroclastic flow is called Aso-1, Aso-2, Aso-3, Aso-4 from the  older one.

Until Gokase canyon is made.
The basis surface of the earthabout 270,000 years before.
( Ex. Simanto Layers)
The Aso volcano was eruptive  about 270,000 years before.
Then, the pyroclastic flowflowed  there.We call the lava Asoー1.
The river forms in the original place again after the long years pass.
There was detonating of the Asovolcano about 150,000 years before. And Aso-2 flowed into.Then, the ravine emerged  hanging  long years.
Aso-3 flowed about 130,000years before.
Moreover, Aso-4 flowed before  about 90,000 years of repeat.
Then, a ravine was formed.
The canyon which you see  today needed the long years of  about  270,000 years.

The lodgment of the pyroclastic flow was eroded for many years by the subsoil water on the Aso  somma.Then, a terrace surface was formed by the high position.There is a place to exceed 200m.

Most of  the gorges is formed on the cliff of the columnar-joint.
The height cliff of about 150 m continues for several kilometers. We can not see such beautiful    scenery in  the other place. As for this gorge, by the area, typical one is called " Soyo gorge " "Takachiho-kyo "and so on.
The distance of the Gokase canyon is above 100Km including the branch at the whole.

This home page classifies Gokase canyon into three areas and guides it including the branch with "Gokase - Soyo area ", " Takachiho area ", " Hinokage - Kitakata area ".
Also, it introduces the life  and the highlight of the area, too, all together.

The big bridge group which spans in the sky

The width of Gokase canyon maximum is about 600m and the depth is  about100m or 150m,There is any more place, too.
For it, a national road was set up along the runway ( the bottom of agorge )from the old days.
The bridge which strides a gorge and joins each terrace when the  construction technology develops, becoming in recent years became the  style which spans each place.
Originally, as for most of the people, because it was living on the terrace,  need to get off to the bottom of a gorge to go to the neighboring town and  also to climb a valley died and the life changed completely.
the many similar huge bridges are in " the Gokase-gawa canyon "It introduces all of the in this  home page.
The all bridges are the big bridge of the dream which spans the sky just when looking up from the  surface of a river.
This home page guides while it exchanges a photograph and explanation in order that it is easy  for  you to visit the big bridge group which spans the sky.